XS Espresso, Wetherill Park

on Aug 24, 2015 in Cafe, Dessert

XS Espresso, Wetherill Park

XS Espresso is a small cafe located out at Wetherill Park which extremely popular everyday of the week, I’ve visited twice (on a weekend and weekday) and both times there has been a long line out the door.

XS Chicken Burger

The first item to arrive was the chicken burger which was a huge beast with generous amounts of filling and fries, it looked absolutely delicious and the person having it would certainly agree 🙂

Eggs benedict with smoked salmon and mushrooms

The eggs benedict with smoked salmon was one of the best I’ve had in a long time, what made the dish was definitely the perfect hollandaise sauce on top. I personally prefer English muffins and that would be the only thing holding it back from being one of the all time best I’ve had.

Waffles for two

Cookies and cream milkshake

As you can see the desserts and drinks can get a little bit out of hand, they’re oh so amazingly good but just looking at and of them for too long will probably give me diabetes! Also for those curious, yes that is chocolate foam/cream dripping down the side of the jar 🙂

Skim latte

There’s a huge shortage good cafes this far out west in Sydney so it’s great to see that this place exists, the food and drinks rival those from inner city cafes and it’s clear why the cafe is so busy everyday of the week. Definitely visit, especially to check out the crazy desserts!

The Food Diary dined as guests of CPM Online Marketing & XS Espresso.
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