Parsons Bar, Potts Point

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Parsons Bar, Potts Point

Parsons Bar is a small bar located on the infamous Kellett St in Potts Points, it’s family owned and serves up some delicious food alongside some inventive cocktails. The rise of the small cocktail bars for food in and around the inner city area is great news for the food scene.

Sage and Pepper Puff – grilled sweet red peppers, sage and crumbled feta on a puff pastry tart

Dining with vegetarians meant that most of the dishes we tried were vegetarian only – though on the bright side that meant that I had all the meat based dishes all to myself! The sage and pepper puff was one of my favourites, relatively light but still full of flavour.

Southern-Fried Chicken Wings – smoky fried chicken with house-made ranch

Ceviche – scallop ceviche with currants and walnuts in a white wine vinegar

The two meat dishes were all mine which is perfect because more delicious crispy fried chicken is always welcome, the ranch sauce that accompanied the chicken is amazing. The ceviche on the other hand was a great palette cleanser dish to have right after the fried chicken.

Spinach and Feta Ravioli – ravioli filled with spinach and house-marinated feta dressed in a rich tomato and basil sasa

The spinach and feta giant ravioli was another great dish, the size of the dish is just perfect as the flavours are very pronounced and it felt like it could be a very heavy (albeit delicious) dish otherwise.

Garlic and Oregano Sourdough

The Best Chips – twice cooked, hand-cut chips with rosemary-oregano aioli

No meal would be complete with a generous serving of carbs. I actually only managed to have two or three chips, the girls devoured them before I had a chance (I had the chicken to keep me content) and I can confirm they are one of the best chips I’ve had in Sydney.

Cheese Board – chef’s selection of local and imported cheese with fresh fruits and house made preserves

To finish off the meal we went with a cheese board, I don’t often get a cheese board as part of a full sit down meal but I certainly don’t regret it. The board consisted of a delectable brie, blue cheese and cheddar.

Salted Caramel – cool to the bite and melt in your mouth salted caramel fudge

When it came to choosing dessert we were already quite full so decided to go with something small, the very flavourful salted caramel fudge was an absolutely divine way to finish off the meal.

Wild Teani

Espresso Martini

Marshmallow Duvet

Being a bar, Parsons has a great selection of drinks from a well stocked bar. The marshmallow duvet was by far the most theatrical cocktail, however I personally quite enjoyed the espresso martini.

The venue itself is actually an old converted terrace house just like most of the other restaurants and bars on the street. The format of a converted terrace house suits the small bar format really well and gives it a welcoming home feel. It also keeps the noise volume down for an intimate dining experience!

The Food Diary dined as guests of Parsons Bar.
All views and opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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