Macarons Galore

on Nov 6, 2011 in Dessert

Macarons Galore

Macarons are the best 🙂 I’m totally and utterly addicted to them and Mr C seems to be obsessed with them everywhere we go, he buys them every time he see’s them o.o The following images are mostly imported from our old tumblr but it seemed important enough to bring it here 🙂

The above picture are macarons that we bought from the GPO at Melbourne, they were suprisingly really good and would definitely be comparable to the macarons we have in Sydney.

*Not in any particular date of purchase (and consumption :))

macaronsFrom the Crossroads Bar

mmm so many Zumbarons


More macaron cases! (lychee is gone ><)

Lindt Cafe Assortment xD

Blueberry & Passionfruit
Rose & Chocolate Chip
Green Tea & Rose & Chocolate
Cannot remember the names 🙁 Except Strawberry something…
Lindt Cafe 🙂

Hmm I swear we ate more macarons than that, but that’s all I could find for now, we do plan to go for more soon! x)

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