Crossroads Bar @ Swissotel, Sydney

on Dec 8, 2011 in Dessert

Crossroads Bar @ Swissotel, Sydney

Since Miss K was so excited about having high tea I bought a voucher for the both of us for our date at the Crossroads Bar located inside the 5 star Swissotel in Sydney. I believe I was one of the few males there (most accompanied by wives or girlfriends too :)) but hey the food was awesome and there was so much sugar that I totally forgot.

The buffet included free champagne and savory food as well as sweet, but obviously we came for the load of sweets available. Lining up for food turned out to be awkward as the only guy in a line of about 10 girls.

Sweet Desserts

SO. MANY. SWEETS. No more to say here, didn’t even know what they were because I was busy eating.

Strawberry and Chocolate Macarons

Mmmm macarons. They weren’t as good as Adriano Zumbo or Lindt but decent considering I could have as many as I wanted 🙂

Complimentary Sparkling Wine

More Sandwiches and Quiche

Fondue and Cake

Fondue and Cakes. The chocolate was too much for her so Miss K didn’t get alot 😛

Marshmallow and Strawberry

Hell yeah. Most of the chocolate stayed on the plate though 🙁

Assorted Sweets

I think I have a thing for high tea now. Would definitely go again, even though I hardly drank any tea 🙂 Sorry about the lack of descriptions, I can’t say the food is exceptional as I find it hard to describe sweets, they’re simply just sweet. I would recommend experiencing high tea at least once though especially if you’re a sweet tooth!

Crossroads Bar, Swissotel Sydney on Urbanspoon
Crossroads Bar on Urbanspoon

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