Baia The Italian, Darling Harbour

on Feb 16, 2012 in European, Italian

Baia The Italian, Darling Harbour

Liking the picture? I don’t blame you it was very delicious 🙂 I grabbed a cheap voucher ($19 I believe it was) for two pizzas and 2 glasses of wine at Baia The Italian. I feel like it was worth the price and the food was decent. I would hesitate to go twice after looking at the price on the menu however.


Chicken Pesto Pizza

Although I have to say the food was good, there are definitely better places to grab a pizza in Sydney. For $9.5 each though the value was great. The chicken didn’t taste very fresh but the mix of ingredients made it a great pizza to snack on.

Close up shot

Miss K loves her macro style photos (not extremely macro) so she took this photo 🙂

BBQ Proscuitto Pizza

Ever since having fresh Proscuitto at Royal Botanic Gardens Restaurant, Miss K has loved it so I decided to order this. The cherry tomatoes were fresh and juicy but the proscuitto was lacking a bit as it tasted more like shaved leg ham. The BBQ sauce went well with the pizza.

Overall they offered an awesome deal and the pizzas are decent, I might consider eating at Baia The Italian again if I was in the area and felt like pizzas but otherwise its a bit pricey and touristy.

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