Chefs Gallery, Town Hall

on Sep 14, 2012 in Asian, Chinese

Chefs Gallery, Town Hall

Apologies for the poor quality photos, they were taken from my awesome Samsung Galaxy S2 and I forgot to bring my camera 🙁 We have two sets of photos in this blog though! So last Friday night, we decide to head to Chefs Gallery to have a small celebration for Mr C. He was offered a work placement vacationer role at the end of the year from one of big four accounting firms 🙂 And I think he was really happy because he ordered so much food.

The thumbnail photo is a Macau style mini burger with that huge pork fillet in the middle. This dish was rather interesting and I enjoyed it heaps ! The bun was so delicious, did they fry it? I don’t know but it was soft inside. I think I loved the bun more than the meat 😛

Hot & Sour Soup

This was so probably my favourite dish!!! I loved that chilli and sour taste to it, and it had those little fungus stuff and tofu and prawns which was SO delicious! It becomes more addictive after 2 sips. Kind of reminded me of shark fin soup. Definitely going to make Mr C order it again the next time we visit.

Spinach with Chilli Prawn Paste

 This dish will have to tie with the hot and sour soup because I love vegetables! My mother cooks this on some occasions and I would finish it rather than the meat. Mr C must know how to cook this in order to live with me in the near future 🙂

Wagyu Beef Soup with Sichuan Chilli

I think Mr C and I are really into our Sichuan food recently, we’ve become so obsessed with this cuisine.These noodles tasted average to me, but the best to Mr C. I think it’s because I’ve had cup noodles that tasted exactly like this, the soup mainly. I promised Mr C I’d buy him the cup noodles next time I see it, so then he’ll understand what I mean. Oh well, I guess the soup at Chefs Gallery is more healthier than the cup noodles.

Chinese Roti with Chicken and Mushroom

The cheese and mushroom combo was so perfect. I want more :'( It tasted a bit like Gozleme though but it doesn’t matter because I love mushrooms and cheese which came with a tiny hint of soy sauce or Chinese influence to it.

I would recommend Chefs Gallery simply because its an interesting experience, the name has a meaning! You can view the ‘gallery’ of chefs cooking away and making fresh noodles behind a huge glass panel. The pricing is similar to Din Tai Fung at $10-20 per main and the quality of the food is great, but not amazing. Still worth going to try at least once!

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