Home Thai, CBD

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Home Thai, CBD

Thumbnail photo: Khanom Jeeb (Thai Style Dumplings), I believe they’re supposed to be Thai version of Chinese siu mai. They were quite cheap, Mr C was considering ordering extras for take away.

Home Thai is a restaurant that Mr C and I always have walked past but never actually walked in. There was always a very long queue, even longer than at Chat Thai. So one Friday night, Mr C and I decided to eat in if there wasn’t a long queue, otherwise we’ll resort to another restaurant. Fortunately we only had one couple in front of us, the wait was only about 5-10 minutes.

Thai Milk Tea

This was literally the first thing I searched through the menu, Thai Milk Tea. There was no way I could eat in a Thai restaurant and not order this delicious drink especially on a fairly hot and humid night. This was also our saviour of the night. (Will be explained later in this post)

Coconut Soup (Mushroom/Chicken)

We thought we’ll try something new, rather than Panang chicken, duck rice and the fried gravy noodles that we typically order at Chat Thai. For an entree, we ordered this coconut soup with mushrooms. The taste was a bit sweet but also a bit sour at the same time. There was some coriander taste to it which I loved 🙂

Jasmine Rice

Salmon Panang Curry

Instead of ordering Panang chicken, we tried salmon instead. The salmon pieces were large, actually a bit too much for the two of us buut the curry was simply too good, we literally couldn’t stop spamming the curry in our rice. The only minor downside was that it was too spicy, even for me 😀 Thankfully the Thai milk tea killed the spiciness so Mr C and I were able to finish this delicious dish! Although the milk tea was almost finished, the Coconut Chicken Soup also helped with the spiciness. So I advise to have some sort of milk drink if you’re going to order the Panang here. I think Home Thai Panang curry has a richer taste than Chat Thai but I love both restaurants so, not an issue for me 😛

Eastern Thai/Lao Sausages

Mr C mentioned these sausages are really popular in Laos, and we happened to be in a ‘Sausage phase’ so ordered this cute dish. It wasn’t overcooked, so that was already a indicator and the side sauce was a bonus to it. I seriously wouldn’t mind eating this everyday if I ever visit Laos, but I probably won’t be going there for a while 🙂

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