Spice I am, Surry Hills

on Apr 24, 2013 in Asian, Thai

Spice I am, Surry Hills

I’ll try and keep this post a bit short since we only had two dishes at Spice I am (quick lunch). The dish above is Pork Lard Na. I always refer this as gravy noodles as Mr C told me the soup is actually a form of gravy! I’ve been a big fan of this dish since Chat Thai and it’s always a MUST order dish for me when I go to Thai restaurants, it wasn’t actually on the menu but we asked and they delivered 🙂

The only no-no for this dish was that it wasn’t served in a bowl! Primarily because I enjoy drinking the soup and it’s much easier to scoop that way. Regardless, I enjoyed the dish however it just doesn’t seem to compare to Chat Thai’s version which I recall as being much tastier.

Beef Boat Noodles

This was my favourite dish here! Mr C mentioned I actually had this dish at Chat Thai before but I honestly couldn’t remember. The boat noodles were authentic (according to Mr C) and has a really strong spice/herb taste to it which I love! It surprisingly gets quite spicy and keeps building up as you keep shoving the noodles in your mouth but it’s definitely a dish you won’t regret! I loved the dish and wish I ordered two of these.

They cost less than $8! Such a bargain! Despite the small serving (makes sense because of the price), but it definitely has you bloated within minutes. Oh, did I mention how chewy and yummy the noodles were? Thai food is definitely the new Chinese now.

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