Chanoma Cafe, CBD

on Jun 7, 2013 in Asian, Cafe, Japanese

Chanoma Cafe, CBD

Chanoma Cafe is one of the new additions to ‘Japan Town’ or at least that’s what I call the new development inside Regent Place that also includes Tenkomori, I really like what they’ve done here because it makes me feel like I’m in Japan again!  Never have I ever thought of eating a Japanese hotdog outside of Japan, and it was indeed a very refreshing eating experience.

The thumbnail is a Teriyaki Chicken Dog which was for moi. Although I was really craving an actual sausage, I couldn’t help myself getting a teriyaki chicken since I love teriyaki and it’s supposedly one of the popular hotdogs at Chanoma Cafe. It’s also got a bit of Japanese mayo and wasabi sauce on top, plus the added mustard sauce. I honestly really really enjoyed my teriyaki chicken hotdog, but Mr C added too much English mustard which overpowered the flavour of my hotdog. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the the parts without the English mustard, it definitely has an asian taste to it.

Now I warn you, PLEASE DON’T ADD THE MUSTARD! There is of course nothing wrong with it if you like that stuff, but it’s not the ordinary (American style) mustard you usually have in Sydney, this is actual English mustard and it was EXTREMELY hot/spicy! At first Mr C and I thought it was the wasabi but Mr C did his own little investigation and found out it was the mustard that was burning the insides of our mouths.

Matcha Latte Float

Apparently the matcha latte is also a popular order so of course, being both green tea lovers, we ordered this. I loved it so much, especially since there was also a pile of green tea soft serve in it! It does taste a little different compared to other green tea drinks elsewhere which are more icy, but Mr C and I both agreed, and believe, this is what a real matcha latte tastes like and what you would find in Japan itself. I will definitely order this again, and it was also our life saver from the English mustard 🙂

Fries with Chilli & Garlic

Mr C was hesitant to order this, but I insisted since we’re at a very interesting Japanese cafe and I liked the sound of the different ingredients mixed with fries.  We got the Chilli & Garlic one that I was so addicted to. I’ve always loved fries and never though of having it with actual chilli pieces in it. I loved the hint of chilli and it really reminded me of salt & pepper squids in Chinese restaurants, without the squid flavour of course 🙂

Cheesy Japanese Hot Dog

Okay, now this was the most interesting hotdog I’ve had in a while. It was Mr C’s order and it came with really nice curry powder with his choice of pork sausage. The hot dog itself really wasn’t a big difference from traditional hot dogs aside from the fact that it had a hint of Japanese mayo and curry powder. We both enjoyed it though especially with the delicious cheese that you can see melted on top.

We’re definitely going to come back again for the fries, matcha latte and to try the other hotdogs they have! Except this time, we’re not going to add mustard 🙂 Thumbs up for Chanoma Cafe and their menu!

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  1. Matcha anything is awesome! Chanoma makes some pretty damned good drinks. And all that cheese on the hot dog!!

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